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Today we are excited to launch the most significant evolution of the NationBuilder brand since our inception as a company. The full expression of our mission requires an evolution of our visual identity to one that reflects more than just software and encompasses the in-person community building infrastructure we provide.

The logo

The foundation of our new visual language is our new logo. The NationBuilder logo has gone through several iterations over the years, especially in the early days of the company.

The first NationBuilder logo was a playful “community in a box,” complete with virtual skyscrapers and trees. This soon matured into a single simplified geometric building, something more aligned with the gravity of our mission and the important work our customers are doing. Although there were subtle iterations on this version of the logo over the years, such as the inclusion of the octothorpe pattern (also known as the pound or hashtag) in the windows, it has essentially remained the same for the past 5 years.

The new NationBuilder logo

The new NationBuilder logo, with both boldness and simplicity, communicates not only who we’ve become, but also where we’re headed. It sheds the constraints of a physical building into two simple symbols which when combined, can tell many stories relevant to who we are.

The octothorpe at the center represents the internet and creation. The color circle surrounding it represents community, diversity, connectedness and inclusion. You can also think of the octothorpe depicting the leader, surrounded by the community. In combination, there’s a yin and yang relationship which gets at the heart of NationBuilder. The freedom of creating what we’re meant to create through the internet, in unison with in-person community building and education.

The new logo also extends to our partner ecosystem and emerging city chapters.

Colors & typeface

We’ve also increased the depth and warmth of our brand by increasing our color palette to include the 7 bold colors from the circle in our new logo. These colors enrich our visual vocabulary and open the possibilities for a more layered and textured expression.

Our new primary typeface is now Aktiv Grotesk, a neutral, clean and modern font with over 24 weights and supporting over 130 languages.

Together, these changes enable us to accurately reflect the company we’ve become — one that offers everyone the technology and community infrastructure to lead people to greatness. It also provides the tools necessary to continue our brand evolution well into the future.

We will be aggressively rolling out these changes starting today.

We’ve also created a brand resources page which includes the logo in high resolution for download, as well as colors and usage guidelines. Certified partners will also find new logos for your certification if you are signed in to

Lastly, I’d like to express how proud I am of my team — Andrew Possehl, Teresa Lamb and Eric Williams, and also thankful to Lea Endres, Jim Gilliam and Noland Chambliss for all your hard work!

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