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Welcome to the NationBuilder Expert Certification

The goal of this program is for you to be able to show off your technical and strategic skills with NationBuilder. We believe that having an Expert on staff is one of the best ways to plan for your organization's growth, to train your team, and to distribute leadership across your infrastructure. Becoming a NationBuilder Expert will help ensure that you can best contribute to your organization’s mission and achieve your goals.

Being a certified NationBuilder Expert is something that you can proudly display on your résumé to show that you know how to build a digital infrastructure, and you'll earn a badge on your profile in the Experts Directory so that the NationBuilder community knows it can look to you as a resource for technical and strategic advice.

To start the certification, create a sandbox nation below. You’ll land on your new website where you can log into your sandbox, and you'll get an email with a prompt walking you through the steps of the certification. You can take as much time as you want to complete it, so remember to be creative and have fun!

The Expert Certification is only recommended for people with a high level of NationBuilder experience. Have you been working strategically with your own clients using NationBuilder? Please email Taylor Pineiro at to talk about options for submitting a case study in lieu of creating a sandbox. 

New to NationBuilder and looking to learn the ropes? Check out the intro to NationBuilder course and documentation library.

Create your sandbox