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Gina Davis

Chief Technology Officer

Gina Davis is a technologist, business strategist, and engineering leader. She currently serves as NationBuilder’s Chief Technology Officer where she heads software development, technology operations, and professional services. Gina has been with NationBuilder for over nine years and has served in various leadership positions, including Vice President of Engineering and Professional Services. Within nine months of stepping into her engineering role, she drastically improved system reliability and reduced infrastructure spend by 66%. As head of professional services, she led teams in building the first nationwide database of elected public offices, and in updating and distributing a free national voter file.

Prior to NationBuilder Gina helped facilitate two major corporate acquisitions as a senior technical advisor, first at Sendia making them the first ever corporate acquisition by Salesforce, and later at CityGrid in their successful acquisition of Felix.

Gina’s passion for pursuing novel and complex challenges led her to attend a performing arts school as a dancer, study electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, join a startup building diversity training software, study natural ecology in Belize, and travel to fifteen countries as a web-based security software consultant, all before she turned twenty-five.

Gina is the person you call when the problem seems too big, too complicated, or too intractable. For years she wrote “technology translator” on her resume because she couldn’t think of a better way to describe what she did. She loves simplifying complexity, being given a totally novel problem to solve, and helping people achieve their goals. When she’s not working she is an aerialist, scuba diver, snowboarder, skydiver and motorcycle enthusiast.