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How can I view transactions associated with a payout to my bank account?

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With NationBuilder's integrated payment processing, you can view a summary of payouts to your connected bank account or debit card by navigating to Finances > Payouts.

By default, all payouts started this month will display for your most recently created payment processor, but you can filter by payout status, any of the past 12 months, and payment processor using the toolbar dropdowns.


Payouts can have four statuses:

  • Pending (or "in transit") - The funds are on the way to your bank account.
  • Paid - The funds have been deposited in your bank account.
  • Failed - There was a problem with your bank account and the deposit failed.
  • Canceled - A pending payout was canceled before it reached your bank account. This will be rare, as NationBuilder's integrated payment processing defaults to automatic payouts.

For each paid payout, the total indicates the total amount deposited into your bank account. The total is comprised of the gross processed donations made to your nation minus refunded donations minus the net processing fees associated with processed and refunded donations.


Payout fees may be negative if refunded donations outnumber processed donations for the relevant time period.

Once you have filtered by the desired payouts, click the export_to_csv.png button. This will generate a report with the following line item transactions:

  • Payouts
  • Charges - These are gross donations.
  • Refunds - These are gross refunds.
  • Fees - These will be positive if associated with a charge transaction or negative if associated with a refund transaction.

Each transaction includes a created date, reference transactions (if applicable), currency, status, and payout date.

Transactions are mapped to default account types for input into accounting software:

  • Payouts - Bank
  • Charges - Income
  • Refunds - Income
  • Fees - Expense

You might consider using a tool like CSV2QBO to convert this file for easy import into Quickbooks Online or Desktop.

Donations and refund transactions include relevant information about the donor/donation, including:

  • NationBuilder ID for the donor
  • NationBuilder ID for the donation
  • Donor name
  • Donor billing address
  • Donor phone number
  • Donor email address
  • Donation tracking code
  • Donation note
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