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How did the NationBuilder special upgrade work?

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How it worked:

As a thank you, NationBuilder offered a special upgrade for long-time customers in September 2015. If customers opted into the plan, they received the Team plan and the new paths, goals and A/B testing features, but at NationBuilder’s older pricing rate. A 6, 12, 18, or 24-month commitment was made and half was paid upfront. The remaining half of the payments were paid on a monthly basis until the commitment expired.

In the example below, a customer opted into the 12-month special upgrade. Their monthly price was $29. Therefore, they paid half upfront.


After the prepaid period was over, customers paid the remainder of the commitment on a monthly basis. Following the example above, the customer would make a monthly payment based on the number of people in their database. Because their database size did not increase above the pricing tiers, their monthly rate remained at $29. They paid this rate for 6 months until the special upgrade expired.


This example was based on NationBuilder pricing immediately before the special upgrade. Additional add-ons, such as custom domains, phone numbers and additional websites also contributed to monthly pricing. If the pricing tier for your special upgrade did not match the figures above, then your nation was likely subject to legacy pricing. In this case, if you needed to know the exact pricing tiers for your legacy nation, please contact support at [email protected].

Regular pricing applied immediately after the special upgrade commitment ended.

At the conclusion of the special upgrade offer, nations may shift to the Leader (Legacy) plan. More information regarding the feature set associated with that plan can be found here.

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