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How do I create a newsletter style email without using code?


Recently - I've been thinking a lot about email templates - especially as I unsubscribe from dozens of email lists as organizations ramp up their GDPR permissioning!

Usually, I use the NationBuilder "Basic with Logo" theme when sending email blasts but I've been thinking about how to get more visual content on my emails, especially since we recently updated how you can upload images!

So I created this test newsletter using the "Email Basic" theme, screenshots from my website, and some tricks I learned about image resizing!

Here's what it looks like - 



Here's the theme - 

I used an image for my header at 100% scale - to do this I made the image size a percentage instead of pixels. It looks like this in the editor - 

Choosing those settings means that my image will be 50% of the screen space it has on whatever device it's being viewed on. So it will scale to mobile devices! 

For a donate ask I used a header sizing and made the text red after I linked it to my donate page.

So it stands out! 

But I could also have created a custom DONATE NOW button like so.

I also used screenshots from my websiteLike this screenshot of an upcoming event 

I linked the entire image to the event page - so someone could click on the 'RSVP' button and get there, but also technically click anywhere on that image

I put my two event images into a table - 

Just a small table with two columns  and one row with no border (this one has a '1' border) 

Between sections I used a screenshot of one of our official NationBuilder colors at 100% - 

Just like that!

So to recap here's what I needed - 

  • A header image at 100%
  • Screenshots of my events & blog posts at 100% when in a table cell and at 50% when in regular body 
  • Screenshot of a line of color at 100%
  • A bright bold donation ask 

Have any questions?

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Update - I checked how this looks in Gmail and Outlook in a browser and it looks good in both - here's Outlook:

Official response from

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