How do you deal with potential political conflicts of interest?

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Since we have a lot of political customers that cross the ideological spectrum, sometimes we get asked this.  In a nutshell, NationBuilder is like Drupal or WordPress in that it is a platform available to everyone. NationBuilder is different as it is used to organize people, not content, but we don't discriminate at all based on what you are organizing them to do.

Specifically, here is our policy on political activity:

As a company:

  • We do not take sides in political campaigns.
  • Regardless of ideology, we strive to make every NationBuilder customer successful with the platform. We are kind of fanatical about this, and can provide references from dozens of parties in several countries.
  • We are happy to provide advice on NationBuilder and digital strategy in general to any campaign that asks, whether they are NationBuilder customers or not. 
  • We do not accept consulting fees for strategy from any political organizations, we only charge our subscription prices for the platform and occasional custom design and training services.

As individual staff:

  • We all generally vote and are politically active. Any views expressed on Twitter or elsewhere online are as individuals. We do not hide our individual political views, preferring transparency, and we don’t all agree of course either.
  • Individually, we do not accept consulting fees or serve in any official capacity for any political or governmental organizations.

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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