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We have a supporter who has (rightly) written to us several times requesting that the name on their supporter record be changed. This person is transgender, and has a legal name (i.e. "dead name") on their credit card that they used to make a donation, but they do not use this name and cannot (because of the state where they live) legally change their name on official documents in order to change the name on their credit card.

I have overridden the name on their file multiple times -- but it will not remain changed in NationBuilder. I don't know if that's because financial information overrides action-taking information or because I need to do it a different way (i.e. other than editing in the supporter record), but I need some help in making this change permanently.

Any ideas?

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Hi Heather - 

Since it sounds like this individual has to use their dead name on your donation form, unfortunately their corrected name will be overwritten each time they contribute. As this person is unable to change their name on their credit card, what you may wish to do is create a separate profile for them as their public profile. If they have an alternate email address they could use for billing (so that they can still receive donation receipts), they could affiliate that address with their contributions and use their normal address for their public profile. 

This would allow you to maintain their financial history on one profile, while their corrected profile is sent email blasts and is affiliated with any comments they contribute to your website.

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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