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Don't let anything fall through cracks: Introducing followups and priority levels

For any small business, nonprofit, or political campaign, the key to success is keeping track of the contacts you've made and making sure you don't miss future opportunities to reach out to people. When managing supporters and volunteers, it's important that you call people to remind them of events or other activities and thank them for an action they've taken on behalf of your cause.

With NationBuilder's followup and priority level features you can now put all of your contact reminders in one place, mark them for followup and sort them by importance so you know exactly who to contact and when.

It’s time to toss out all those outdated, inefficient followup tools.

NationBuilder’s followup feature allows you to:

  • sort followups based upon the followup date assigned in the past, present, or future;
  • set multiple followups for a person, providing different reminders for different tasks;
  • and build followup inboxes for specific organizing tasks or teams (sales, volunteering, fundraising);

In NationBuilder, you can set a followup for each of the different contact types you have set up in your nation. You can have multiple followup types and dates set for each contact so that users of your nation can easily identify what kind of contact your supporters need. When you log the interaction, the system will then present a list of all the followups that have been noted and you can mark any of them as followed up at that time.

The priority levels feature allows you to assign a numerical value for each person. Priority levels scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest priority and 5 begin the highest priority. It can be assigned based upon the person’s importance to your cause or who needs the most assistance, and can be queried in advanced search.

While followups and priority features are great on their own, they become the heart of any outreach program when paired together. Every day when you access your control panel you can quickly view all the people that need followup, sorted by the most recent followup date indicated. NationBuilder will also automatically sort within the dates by priority level, so you'll always see the person that most needs to be contacted at the very top of your list. If you have multiple staffers, you can also narrow these results by assigned point person, allowing each person to have their own personalized list of people to contact.

For every type of user – from local politicians to companies with hundreds of staff members – using followups and priority levels is the key to ensuring you connect with everyone you need to without letting anything fall between the cracks.

Read more about followups and priority levels to learn how to use these features in your nation.