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Introducing the supporter portal

Donors and members can now manage recurring payments themselves. 

September 13, 2022

Sustaining a successful organization requires you to:

  1. Establish trust with the people who support your cause
  2. Maintain a predicable and reliable revenue stream

So how do you build that trust, particularly with your donors? Offer them transparency and control over how they engage with you. Building on the tools that help you meaningfully engage with individuals at scale like targeted filtering and smart fields. NationBuilder's supporter portal is the newest way for you to expand your relationship with some of your most enthusiastic supporters: your recurring donors and your members. 

By logging into your NationBuilder website and navigating to the portal, supporters will be able to:

  • See all of their active recurring donations and memberships 
  • Update the payment method on file for any recurring series processed using NationBuilder Payments 
  • Cancel their recurring donation or membership 

Learn more about setting up the portal for your supporters and how to share it with them

This first version of the supporter portal is designed to give your supporters the baseline features they need to manage their payments with you -- and this is just the beginning. Set it up; and let us know what you think! Reach out directly through the in-app messenger in your control panel or email [email protected] with any feedback. 



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