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NationBuilder iOS SDK - Using Everything

On this page you'll find resources and summaries to further clarify the SDK on a larger scale.

NationBuilder API Coverage 

NBClient Addition API Endpoint
People GET /people
  GET /people/:id
  GET /people/search
  GET /people/nearby
  GET /people/me
  GET /people/:id/register
  GET /people/match
  GET /people/:id/taggings
  PUT /people/:id/taggings
  DELETE /people/:id/taggings/:tag
  GET /people/:id/capitals
  POST /people/:id/capitals
  DELETE /people/:id/capitals/:id
  POST /people
  PUT /people/:id
  DELETE /people/:id
Contacts GET /people/:person_id/contacts
  POST /people/:person_id/contacts
  GET /settings/contact_types
  GET /settings/contact_methods
  GET /settings/contact_statuses
Donations GET /donations
  POST /donations
  PUT /donation/:id
  DELETE /donation/:id
Lists GET /lists
  GET /lists/:id/people
  POST /lists/:id/people
  DELETE /lists/:id/people
Sites GET /sites
Surveys GET /sites/:slug/pages/surveys
  POST /sites/:slug/pages/surveys
  PUT /sites/:slug/pages/surveys/:id
  DELETE /sites/:slug/pages/surveys/:id
  GET /survey_responses
  POST /survey_responses
Tags GET /tags
  GET /tags/:id/people

Feel free to contribute some yourself.

Implementation Checklist

This is the standard checklist for getting your app integrated with the current SDK.

Follow the installation guide:

  • Install the desired NationBuilder app for your nation, ex: NBClientExample

  • Add the SDK to your Podfile

    • Fetch and import the SDK (NBClient/Main.h, NBClient/UI.h)
  • Update your app's info plist

    • (OptionalAdd the Fonts provided by application item if using the UI component

Follow the accounts usage guide:

  • Update your app's info plist

    • Add the URL types/0/URL identifier as com.nationbuilder.oauth
    • Add the URL types/0/URL Schemes/0 as the path for the NationBuilder app's redirect URI
  • Create and populate NationBuilder-Info.plist

  • Create an NBAccountButton

    • Link it to the accounts manager
    • Add it to your view controller
  • Create an NBAccountsManager

    • Implement NBAccountsManagerDelegate
  • Create an NBAccountsViewController

    • Link it to the accounts manager

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