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Telling your story is at the heart of leadership. Amidst all the noise, email is still the best way to connect directly with your people online. NationBuilder’s powerful filters let you speak to highly targeted segments of your community.

Today’s release makes it easier to start an email blast, and faster to get your blast out the door.

New quick links to start email and text blasts. When you’re ready to start a new blast, we’ve added new links under your Broadcasters to save you a few clicks.


Integrated cloning makes it faster to get started. We added a dropdown to new blast creation that allows you to clone right in the same place where you create your blast. No more clicking around through your old blasts to find the right one before you can get started.


A new content tab lets you compose and preview in the same place. We know how hard you work to make your email look great, so we moved the preview into the same place where you create your content. Just hit the “Save” button, and the preview below will refresh. You can now also send your test email from the Content tab.


Review, and then send with confidence. Sending an email to a lot of people can be nerve-wracking (believe me I know). We wanted to make sure you had one last chance to look everything over before sending or scheduling your blast in the updated "Review and send tab."


We hope these updates make your email sending experience smoother and want to hear your feedback.

We recorded a very short walkthrough of the email changes that you can watch, and Dana Nguyen from the Product Team will be joining NationBuilder Live next Wednesday, January 31st at 10 am PT to go over these changes and answer any questions.

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