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Updating an address using the API

How do I update an address using the API, including overriding a bad geolocation? I have tried passing a JSON object like { 'person': { 'primary_address': { 'lat': '90.0', 'address1': 'far away' } } } This doesn't throw an error but it doesn't update the address either. I'd be amazed if it isn't possible to do this so I must be doing something wrong. Can anybody help please?

Official response from

After reviewing this case, we determined that you are not able to pass primary_address information through the API. This is due to the idea that primary address is just a type of address and not specifically an address itself. Address examples are mailing_address, registered_address, home_address, work_address, and billing_address.

To pass an address through the API, you can use our People API home_address endpoint. For example, you could pass a json package like this:

"person": {
"home_address": {
"address1": "",
"address2": "",
"address3": null,
"city": "",
"state": "CA",
"country_code": "US",
"zip": null,
"lat": "",
"lng": ""

If you continue to have trouble with this request, please add a comment below and we can troubleshoot it together!

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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