How do other folks handle CRM-controlled background images?

We build themes that require page backgrounds to be set in the CRM on a per-page basis — i.e. site admin uploads an image to be the page bg. We also need to set an image for homepage widgets (tagged to appear on the homepage). In other words, a single piece of content often needs 2 images set in the CRM. We've been using Featured Content Sliders (FCS) for this, using the position in the list for the role. i.e. the first FCS is the page BG; the second is the widget image. This is OK, but a little cumbersome to manage, particularly if the site admin wants the second role without the first. What do other folks do to handle this? It sure would be nice to have something in the CRM that actually does these things.

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Hey Jedd,

I'd highly recommend using the Social Share Image, or {{ page.meta_image_url }} for the homepage widget featured images. This prevents the user from running into order-based upload when referencing the page.attachments or page.features arrays, but also forces the user to set up a meta image for SEO purposes, so it's re-enforcing some best practice type behavior.

Another option would be to use keywords in the "label" field of the FCS to designate them for particular areas of the theme/template. e.g. the user could label the FCS as "background", and only an FCS with that label would be included as the background image. This would allow for all of the images to be placed as FCS, but a more obvious way of controlling which image ends up being displayed where.

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