teaser image for blog post above the flip

Many blogs have an image for each blog post. The image typically appears both above and below the flip (ie, in teaser list overview of posts) and also is used by many content aggregators.

Since NationBuilder blog-posts don't have a field for image, and since inserting an image into the content of a blog post isn't "rigid" enough structure for any teaser display that will standardized selectors in order to theme...

What is the best way to add a teaser image to a blog post?


  1. Use the file upload
  2. Use the thumbnail image for facebook (the most similar object available in concept)
  3. Use the feature object within a blog post

1 doesn't work because I don't think you can get the file array from the page. At least that reference doesn't appear to be listed in the documentation.

2 ought to work. But I was worried about the image dimensions. An image optimized for Facebook sharing might not be big enough for other purposes. (Also I could not find the object reference in the doc)

3 DOES seem to work. The only drawbacks I know of are A) might be a little awkward for content authors B) you can't add feature slideshows to blog posts if you hack this field to suit this purpose.

Is there a better way?

Here is an example of a teaser list of blog posts with images:

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