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Hello. A member of my nation is complaining of not getting our emails. He's opted-in, and I'm not getting a bouce or bad when e-mail blasts are sent. However, his account tells me he has a "unusable email address" What does this mean exactly? Thnaks

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Hi Jacob - 

If you are seeing an email address that is opted-in but crossed out, this is typically an indication that the email has been flagged as invalid. In this case, 'Bad email address' would be checked in the Edit section of their profile, and they would automatically be excluded from your email blasts (so you would not see them returned as a bad or bounced address). 

More information is available on crossed out email addresses in this FAQ.

If the email address of concern is not record as a bad email, please send a link to their profile to help@nationbuilder.com.

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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