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Leadership software, not management software

Most software is built to help you manage. Customer relationship management (CRM), content management systems (CMS), donor management, social media management... the majority of software that organizations use are only oriented around managing what’s already occurring. Worse, most of that software is only built to help you manage one aspect of your work, leaving people balancing a ton of tools just to run their organizations. And even after cobbling together all the management tools, most organizations’ suite of technology still isn’t getting the job done.

Your software shouldn’t just help you manage. It should help you accomplish more. It shouldn’t just chart your outcomes, it should help you improve them. We should expect more from our software, because more is possible. Management of your data and operations is important, but it’s not sufficient.

To really succeed for the long-term, you need to lead. That’s why we created NationBuilder.

NationBuilder is the world’s #1 leadership platform

NationBuilder is designed to actually help you reach more supporters, close more donors, turn out more voters, and otherwise set and achieve your goals with industry-leading technology, smarter tools, and strategies built in to help you lead. Relative to management systems, leadership software is: fully-integrated with all the features your team needs, action-oriented to help you do more, deeply social to reflect the way people connect today, and focused on providing the most innovative tools available to lead your organization.

Leaders need technology that helps them:

Put people at the center

Where other software puts a given task you need to accomplish at the center, leadership software knows that the most important factor in your success is your relationship with the people you lead; those you need to reach, engage, inspire, and motivate to take action. We ensure you have the best possible picture of who your supporters are, what they care about, and how to engage them.

Own their data

Data on your supporters shouldn’t live in Facebook, Twitter, or a voter file shared with your competitors. You need to own your own database of supporters so you can control your own destiny. Don't bet your future on the algorithms powering advertising-supported platforms or the back room dealings of a political party.

Move people to action

Leaders need software that not only gives you insights, but lets you act on them, moving your supporters into deeper relationship with you, improving your outcomes, and giving people more opportunities to connect to your movement.

Distribute leadership

To achieve scale, you can’t do it alone. Your supporters need to advocate and organize on your behalf, take advantage of the power of peer to peer engagement, and grow your base of engaged participants. We give them the most powerful software in the world to share your message, connect more people to your organization, or even lead your chapters.

To learn more about leadership software, check out our map of the leadership software landscape and see how NationBuilder stacks up to our competitors.