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Sync your nation with your favorite lead generator

Automate your repetitive marketing tasks and avoid any flow interruption. With LeadsBridge you can connect your NationBuilder account to a specific list or campaign in your favorite lead generator software and keep the lead constantly synced. You can also easily distribute your leads info from NationBuilder and any source of leads you might have - like Facebook Lead Ads - to multiple destinations.


Starts at $29/mo ( billed annually) $39/mo (billed monthly).

Contact ยทย  +1 (415) 360-0005

About the app

  • The 350 native integrations are just a few clicks away.
  • Distribute your leads from NationBuilder and any lead gen source to multiple destinations.
  • Sync NationBuilder and all of your lead sources.
  • Automatically retarget people on Facebook from specific segments of your CRM.
  • Quick and powerful NationBuilder list sync -- manage multiple nations from a single account.
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