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Connect with your supporters using CallHub + NationBuilder

Sheela Sequeira from CallHub walks us through phone banking and texting tools that integrate with NationBuilder. Learn how to - add a survey to CallHub, create a script for your agents, make a call & start a texting campaign.


Questions? Contact NationBuilder at [email protected] or CallHub directly.

Some questions from the video:

  • Can you use the phone number associated with your nation? - Yes for calling but not for texting

  • Can volunteers make calls from mobile devices? - Yes you can have them call in like they are dialing into a conference call or use the browser on their phone

  • If I edit a survey in NationBuilder does it change in CallHub automatically? - You should refresh on the CallHub side to make sure things are up to date

  • Do you have to wait for the beep before sending a voicemail? - Yes, just like when you would start talking on a voicemail 

  • Can you opt-out in CallHub but not in NationBuilder? - No, they are connected

  • What is the pricing model for texting? - Priced per text, learn more about CallHub's pay as you go pricing