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I got one of the nonprofits I help to lead to use NationBuilder for a year-- but they ended up shifting away from it to WordPress. I was the lead on communications when we set it up and was not able to fully utilize all functionalities before we stopped using it.

I lead a consulting company and from it support several other for-profits and nonprofits and am still interested in NationBuilder or in creating my own amalgam of apps to get what I need to support these groups.

So I have a few questions:

1) If I set up one account -- could I generate and maintain multiple websites from the one account:
> (First Unitarian Church of Honolulu)
> (my husband's ministry website
> (STEM teacher and student media)
> (Parents for Public Schools-Hawaii-- the group that did use NationBuilder for awhile)
> (start-up online education offering-- has a big website.

2) if an organization has a big custom CMS website-- can that be linked to NationBuilder to add NationBuilder functionality to the extensive design and content on that website?

3) Could I stop paying for e-blast email support-- I currently use iContact Pro for AwesomeStories and have workflows set up. Are workflows supported in the NationBuilder email functionality?

4) Do you have multiple templates for calendar layouts? What I saw in the Aware theme looks like it will not accommodate showing folks the monthly spread of events at once.

5) Is there a social media function that enables one to post to the website and have that post simultaneously go out as a social media post?

6) Is there a functionality that can turn website posts into weekly newsletters and monthly newsletters?

I hope I can talk with someone to see if I can get NationBuilder to meet my needs.

Many thanks,


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