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We have paths that we aren't using. Is there a way to delete them?

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Yes, there is a way to delete paths; however, when you delete a path, keep in mind that you also remove all the historical data that comes with that path, including when a person began the path, completed the path, etc. Because this historical data is an important record of interaction between a person and an organization, the process of deleting a path is cumbersome.

There are two main aspects of a path: the path itself, including its steps and assigned control panel people as listed in People > [Select path picker] > [Select edit icon next to path] > Settings. Then there is the instance of the path on a profile, which can be referred to as a journey. All journeys must be deleted before a path can be deleted. This means that abandoned, completed, and active paths must be deleted. 

1. You can view abandoned, active, and completed paths using the path picker. In the People section, select the path picker. From the path picker, select the path you want to delete. Once the profiles on the specified path loads, select whether you want to view the Completed or Abandoned profiles on that path.



2. Abandoned and completed journeys must be reactivated before they can be deleted. Click on each profile and select the Paths section within the profile. Click the "Activate" button to reactivate the path.



3. Once you reactivate the path, you can delete it from the profile. The path will display on the profile, like below. Click on the caron and select "Delete Path."


When you have deleted all completed and abandoned paths, view active journeys through the path picker. Open each profile and delete the active path as indicated in the image above. 

4. Once you delete all path journeys from all profiles, you can delete the path itself. Edit the path by going to People > [Select path picker] > [Select edit icon next to path] > Settings. From the path's settings page, click the "Delete path" button. 


The "Delete path" button will only be visible if the path is not associated with any profiles, or if all path journeys are deleted. 

If you have difficulties with any of these steps, please email the NationBuilder Support team at

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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