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Manage and recruit volunteers with Golden & NationBuilder

Today we had a conversation with Sam Fankuchen, the Founder & CEO of Golden - an app and website for recruiting and managing your volunteers.

The API connection between Golden and NationBuilder does a lot and we just skimmed the surface in this demo. You can use Golden to create volunteer opportunities targeted to your supporters, or open to anyone in your area to sign up for. Golden can help with shift times, background checks and handle notifications and communication to your volunteers before and after the event. 

You can embed your Golden events on your NationBuilder site and you only have to ever update Golden!

The pieces that really stood out to me are that your volunteers can leave reviews of their experience, and other people can find your organization by location. So if I'm free this weekend I can just plug in my zip code on the app and see what opportunities are in my area to volunteer.

Tags & contact information of your volunteers will sync into your nation.

Take a look at Golden & sign up here