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Many of the most successful organizations on NationBuilder use memberships to build a thriving supporter base.  We know that the work you are doing is hard, and your software should make it easier to achieve your goals.

Today’s upgrades to memberships do just that. It’s now easier to find and manage your members, more precisely target them for communications, and create more unique experiences for them on your website.

The specifics:

  • Additional membership filters: The new filters make it easier to find and communicate with precisely the members you want based off statuses such as “active” or “expired” within a specific membership type. For example, you might email all your active Bronze members encouraging them to upgrade to Silver. Or, you could email members who recently expired with an exclusive new year membership renewal offer.


  • UI Improvements: Membership type settings and the membership importer now live within the People section, where they always should have been where you handle the rest of your supporter data — saving you time (and confusion)!


If you want to learn more about how to use these exciting updates, join us for a live webinar about memberships on January 23rd at 11am PST.

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