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[Webinar Recording] NationBuilder + Action Button

Making it possible for anyone, anywhere to take actionto lead their community, to start an organization, a campaign, a business, a movementis why NationBuilder exists. This mission is why we do what we do everyday, and it's why we're so excited to have announced that Action Button (Speakable) is now a part of NationBuilder! (Read our CEO Lea Endres’ thoughts on the acquisition in her letter to the NationBuilder community.) 

Discover how Action Button and NationBuilder can help you engage with your community from the moment they are ready to take action. From quizzes to sentiment polls, voter registration to contacting legislators, action buttons are a simple yet powerful way to find and engage supporters. And together with NationBuilder, those initial actions can become pathways of engagement that help leaders everywhere build flourishing communities. 

You can review the slides from the webinar here. This webinar covers the following themes:

  • What is Action Button? 
  • How does it add value to the current NationBuilder experience?
  • Example buttons, website placement, tag activity, filters, path movement, etc.