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Did you know NationBuilder runs on NationBuilder?

community-creation-model002.jpgAt NationBuilder we’re building the infrastructure for everyone to have the opportunity to create what they were meant to create. We know what it takes to grow a community because we’re doing it too. And we’re not just building the infrastructure, we’re actually using it to operate our own company. Yup—NationBuilder runs on NationBuilder.  

We’re creating NationBuilder using a process we refer to as the community creation model. It’s the framework for our entire company—builders, storytellers, and organizers working together with our community at the center. Here’s how we use NationBuilder:

It starts with a story. Whether it’s coordinating an email blast, collecting RSVP’s for events, or managing social media content, our communication team relies heavily on NationBuilder to share our story with the world. We can schedule anything in advance—from blog posts to emails to social media updates—so when we’re on the ground at an event, we don’t have to remember to update Twitter.

Our product team is responsible for building the system we use every day and making sure it serves our customers in the best way possible. We receive feedback with a suggestion box, which helps us make the product better. Tagging our customers according to how they use NationBuilder helps us better understand the needs of different communities.

NationBuilder’s team of world-class organizers uses our Community Organizing System to cultivate thousands of communities around a dynamic database that puts people at the center of everything we do. Social matchingfully integrated email, and a complete contact history allows our organizers to keep track of supporters and prospects separately. Whenever you email us with a question, it automatically gets assigned to your point person and flagged for follow-up. And because our database tracks every communication and interaction, you are less likely to slip through the cracks.

We know firsthand what’s possible with NationBuilder because we use it ourselves. In the software business this is called “eating your own dog food.”  The way to build a great product is to live and breathe it every single day. When something doesn’t work quite right, we feel it too and we fix it. I hope it shows.

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