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Hopelessly in love with spring: Introducing our new 'Conserve' website theme

We've heard your calls for more playful website themes in our selection of free templates and are pleased to release "Conserve," celebrating the seasons with styles for spring, summer, autumn and winter. This theme was created with environmental organizations in mind but is flexible enough to be used for almost anything. The best part is you can easily refresh the look of your site by updating it for the seasons.  

Each style includes an illustrated footer and stylized background. Top nav elements are repeated in the footer, the default logo is easily replaceable with a custom image or site name, and bold featured content slider images will give you a beautiful website in just minutes. To update an existing site, go to Websites > Theme > Switch to stock theme and pick Conserve and then your favorite style. If you'd like to start a new NationBuilder account for as low at $19 a month, sign up here.

Here's a look at the "autumn" style with a blog home page. More theme guidelines and screenshots - including each of the season illustrations - are below.

Conserve theme - blog

  • Recommended image size for your featured content sliders is 920px by 360px. Be sure all images are sized exactly the same.
  • If you want to use a custom logo, sizing it 174px by 114px will avoid stretching. Replace the logo under¬†Websites > Site settings > Logo in your control panel.
  • Text entered under Websites > Site settings > Subheadline will be centered and displayed prominently at the top of each page under the top nav elements.

Conserve theme - events page

Conserve theme style illustrations

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