Nonprofit organizers

We are looking for organizers with at least two years of experience in the nonprofit world to help build the NationBuilder nonprofit community.

The primary qualities we are looking for in this new member of our growing team are:

  • You are happiest when interacting with people, and people love being around you.
  • You hate asking "quick questions" and would rather just figure things out yourself.
  • You are invigorated by technology, not afraid of it.
  • You think clearly under pressure and are comfortable talking on the phone or emailing all day.
  • You are fearless and ready to take on the establishment.
  • You are interesting -- maybe you know another language, have a crazy life story, or are a struggling comedian, just something different.
  • You live (or want to live) in Los Angeles.

You will be working with non-profits and advocacy groups from around the world, representing a range of causes. We are a well-funded startup, and the job includes stock options and health care benefits. Salary is $55k. If you're passionate about how organizing can change the world and want to do it on a massive scale, this is for you. 

To apply, send an email to the "jobs" address you see in the footer of this page. It should include:

  1. Tell us why we should talk to you in 140 characters or less. (like a tweet, but you don't have to actually tweet it)
  2. Your website or resume

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