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I'm struggling with email opt in options on Nation Builder. Due to the GDPR regulations in the EU we can't use automatically checked opt in boxes. A users default behaviour is to leave check boxes unchecked. This wouldn't be a problem for news letters and less important email communication. But the Nation Builder opt in settings are set for all communication. So if a user doesn't check email opt in we can't contact them at all for any reason using Nation Builder. The GDPR doesn't require consent for vital and essential communication with members and this is damaging our leads. We need to be able to control fully our email database even if users opt out of communication. As a temporary solution to this I would like to know how you can make the opt in check boxes a required field on forms. There doesn't seem to be any way to edit the email opt in checkboxs via the template files or style sheets.

Official response from

If a user does not check the receive email updates checkbox, they will still receive autoresponse emails for their actions and can be emailed one-to-one. They will not, however, be able to receive email blasts from your nation. 

If you want to make checking the email opt in box a requirement of filling out certain forms, you can replace the liquid in the page level template that generates the email opt-in checkbox:

{% check_box "email_opt_in", class:"checkbox" %}

with HTML including the required property:

<input class="checkbox used" id="signup_email_opt_in" name="signup[email_opt_in]" type="checkbox" value="1" required="required">

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