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What are my options for setting up email blasting through NationBuilder?

I have a current email provider that I'm not particularly happy with, and have a custom domain already connected to my nation. I'm looking to start managing all of my email activities through NationBuilder. What are my options?

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Keeping Your Current Email Provider

1) Set up new email addresses of your choice through your current email provider. Then, create corresponding broadcasters in NationBuilder for each of your email addresses.

You can watch our video or check out our documentation on how to set up a new broadcaster in NationBuilder.   

2) After confirming that your broadcasters are configured to receive incoming email (under Settings > Email > Receive incoming email), set up email forwarding from your provider to

3) Your control panel users will now be able to send emails through a broadcaster (blasts and 1:1 emails) and receive emails in the Dashboard of each broadcaster corresponding to their username.

If you'd like, you can set up an inbox-style functionality in your nation using paths. There are step-by-step setup instructions and a more conceptual, "how is this used?" blog post written on this option. 

Switching to NationBuilder as Your Email Provider

1) If NationBuilder is managing your domain: Select "NationBuilder" from the "Email provider" dropdown menu under Settings > Domains > [your custom domain].

If NationBuilder is not managing your domain: In your domain host*, change the existing MX records to priority 10.

*Not sure who your domain host is? You can look up your registrar at You can find the MX records you currently have on file using MXToolbox.

2) Set up as many broadcasters as you'd like in your nation using your custom domain as the email address. Configuring a broadcaster will create the email address.

3) Every broadcaster will be automatically configured to send emails through your nation, and you can configure them to receive emails as well. 

If you want to receive emails in your nation, we highly recommend setting up the inbox functionality described in the option above. Please also review the features of using NationBuilder as your email provider if you are considering this configuration. 

Once you've set this up, be sure to send your broadcaster a test email! Sometimes an extra step is required on our end if you are using a custom domain with NationBuilder as your email provider, so if your test email is not received, please email [email protected]

Switching to a Different Email Provider

Since it sounds like you are not particularly comfortable with your current email provider, you may want to switch email providers and follow essentially the same steps as the "Switching to NationBuilder as Your Email Provider" option.

Instead of switching your MX records to, you will switch them to those of you new provider. If you're looking for an option that is free for a relatively small amount of storage, we often recommend Zoho Mail

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