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Raise more money. Spend less time. No payment processor or merchant account required.

We build products that make it possible for more people to lead, and for all of us to lead better. With the introduction of integrated payments, NationBuilder--the world’s first leadership software designed to build communities and lead them to action--also became the best place for you to raise money.

Leaders need to be able to raise money--to support their work, grow their memberships, take donations for their campaigns, and sell tickets to their events. Now, integrated in the platform, and included standard for every NationBuilder customer, is the ability for you to accept payments right in NationBuilder. No more need for a third-party payment processor with monthly fees, complicated set up of a merchant account, or a separate donations system that doesn’t sync with the data in your nation. Get set up in minutes, and start raising money right away. 

Processing all your payments and donations within NationBuilder means a best in class experience, including:

  • Donation processing directly on your site (no redirects!)
  • Recurring payments
  • Refund processing
  • Mobile optimized donation pages
  • Daily deposits into your bank account
  • No gateway fees
  • Cutting-edge anti-fraud protection

And, most importantly, processing payments directly through NationBuilder means better data, targeting, and results as a result of your payment activity being integrated directly into your database, communications, and engagement efforts on NationBuilder. Plus, with extremely competitive rates (refer to table below), NationBuilder matches industry-leading payment processors, so transaction fees don’t take extra income away from your bottom line.  

Today, all U.S., Canadian and U.K. customers can process donations directly through NationBuilder. Europe, Australia and New Zealand are currently in beta. 

Everything you need, from the data you sort to target your outreach, the emails and texts you send to make the ask, the donation page you send folks to, the social shares and personal fundraising pages your supporters use to encourage their friends, and, now, even the processor that accepts your supporters payments are all integrated and included in your nation.

Pricing details
Country Currency code In beta? NB Payments standard rate NB Payments NPO rate
US USD No 2.9% + 30¢ 2.2% + 30¢
Canada CAD No 2.9% + 30¢ 2.2% + 30¢ (domestic); 3.2% + 30¢ (international)
UK GBP No 1.4% + 20p (European); 2.9% + 20p (non-European) 1.2% + 20p (European); 2.9% + 20p (non-European)/td>
EU EUR Yes 1.4% + €0.25 (European); 2.9% + €0.25 (non-European) 1.2% + €0.25 (European); 2.9% + €0.25 (non-European)
Australia AUD Yes 1.75% + 30¢ (domestic); 2.9% + 30¢ (international) 1.4% + 30¢ (domestic); 2.9% + 30¢ (international)
New Zealand NZD Yes 2.9% + NZ$0.30 2.5% + NZ$0.30 (domestic); 2.9% + NZ$0.30 (international)

Still have questions?

Follow our step by step instructions to get started today, browse our support FAQs or contact us directly at or 1-213-394-4623.