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Qomon is an action focused web & mobile app for canvassing, phonebanking, and peer-to-peer messaging - powered by data!


With Qomon you get:

Mobile app for all your digital organizing needs (accessible, higher engagement & reach, instant data collection, push notifications)
Dynamic walk and call lists (handy canvassing walklists and call lists for your volunteers to start wherever, whenever and create surveys to help guide conversation)
Meaningful connections (launch peer-to-peer messaging from HQ down to your volunteers in just a few clicks)
Targeted actions with mapping and data (analyze your territory, get access to electoral and socio-economic data*, cross-analyze data with our tools to define your high-priority zones*)

Get people behind your cause with petitions right on Qomon.

* Availability differs from country to country. Ask our team



From 39$ a month on a pay-as-you-grow model.



Guillaume Dietenheoffer · [email protected] · +44 560 375 0853
Brandon Reddy · [email protected] · +1 929-506-9349
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About the app

  • Multiple languages available. Get the mobile app in your language.
  • Servers in Europe or in the US, GDPR & privacy laws compliant (if applicable in your country)
  • Great customer support and resources
  • Special Bundle offer for NationBuilder users
  • Special data & mapping features: Harness the power of data to see the big picture and identify priority areas or profiles to target.