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Aware: from your desktop to your pocket


Our newest theme release marks a major upgrade for your websites. Aware is a responsive theme, which means the design automatically adapts to the size of a visitor’s screen, from desktop to tablet to mobile phone. Aware also unlocks dozens of improvements to our theming system - including improved inline error messages for forms (like if someone types a phone number into an email field) and inline signup with Facebook, Twitter and email. These updates - Version 2 of NationBuilder themes - make it easier for your supporters to access your websites on the go and to navigate through content smoothly.

The new responsive theme has 16 styles and can also be copied by developers for new custom designs. You can switch to Aware from your control panel under Websites > Theme > Switch to a stock theme. If your site has custom pages that may not work with V2 themes, you’ll get a warning screen and you can choose to restore custom pages to defaults or to upgrade without making that change.

If you’re implementing Aware, here are a few guidelines:

  • Photos for featured content sliders are full-page width and will look best at 1026px wide and a height of 250px. All photos in a slider array should be sized exactly the same.
  • To prevent distortion, the optimal size for site logos is 100px by 200px.
  • In Version 2 themes, developers can override icon styles by first cloning Aware, and then editing the _icons.scss file. Icons are displayed via a span class, and so changing icons is as simple as changing the properties of those classes.

You can learn more about Aware in our stock theme guidelines. We hope you enjoy the theme upgrade and look forward to what you build!