NationBuilder's community rules

  1. 1 account per person.
  2. Be civil. No personal attacks.
  3. Respect everyone's time. No spam.
  4. Architects, Experts, and Developers must follow the Code of Conduct:

    Customer confidentiality

    Architects, Experts, and Developers will never sell, trade, or otherwise make available their client’s database, business operations, marketing objectives, or other confidential information to any third party without express written permission from the client.

    Architects, Experts, and Developers will never deceive a client into unknowingly granting permission for their information to be shared with other organizations.

    Customer service

    Architects, Experts, and Developers will always provide helpful and friendly service and respond to all clients within 48 hour time period.

    Architects, Experts, and Developers will communicate with clients immediately when there will be a delay on delivery, and all costs and services will be clearly explained to the client before starting the work.

    If an Architect, Expert, or Developer is unable to help a client with something on their website, they will do their best to guide them to a professional who can.

    Collaboration on projects

    Architects, Experts, and Developers will be responsible for training their new hires, contractors and team members on NationBuilder theming, features, and functionality.

    If an Architect, Expert, or Developer is collaborating with another Architect, Expert, or Developer on a project, they will agree on responsibilities, deadlines, and who will get credit, before starting the work.

    Certification terms

    Architect and Developer Certifications need to be renewed once a year, and Expert Certifications once every two years. A site developed within the past year can be used as the Architect certification test.

    If no new projects are produced within a period of 6 months, the Architect/Expert/Developer's listing may be removed from