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RumbleUp is a powerful and easy-to-use peer-to-peer texting platform that enables your volunteers to text any cell phone number, engaging each person in a personalized, 2-way conversation that is recorded and viewable to you through an online portal. Be up and texting in under 15 minutes. We have worked with hundreds of clients since 2018. Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting opens up a whole new world of cell phones you can reach. Import contacts from your nation and engage them at the rate of 10,000 messages per agent per hour! Engage hundreds of thousands of people with a small team, and/or provide a more relevant conversation channel with your target audience.

Every text is tracked so you know if it was actually delivered. Each text message is sent via an agent or volunteer on our web-based portal or iOS/Android app one-at-a-time to abide by US guidelines on texting. We offer everything from self-service to full-service solutions. You also can text internationally.


Begins at $19/mo and 10 cents per 320-character SMS -- incoming replies, toll-free numbers, etc. are FREE. Contact sales for volume discounts, unlimited plans and enterprise pricing.


Spencer Sullivan · [email protected] · 401-585-5130

About the app

  • Transparent client portal allows you to have a record of all text conversations including real-time deliverability stats (including non-deliverability due to landline errors, spam, etc) - with us you know if your message was delivered and, if it wasn’t we’ll help fix that.
  • Become one of the hundreds of organizations leveraging two-way texting to promote their cause, reach new members, fundraise, and activate key stakeholders. Use P2P texting to ask your audience to request an absentee ballot, get directions to their voting location, donate, volunteer, answer surveys, lobby congress, RSVP to events, watch videos, reply with videos, call your HQ, respond with selfies, and much more! We can provide templates and best practices for your individual use case.
  • Support for both SMS (plain) and MMS (image/video/GIF attachments) texts, with a 320 character maximum (twice the standard limit).
  • Online portal puts you in control of every aspect of your campaign, allows you to integrate with your nation and pull data sets from it and view them inside your RumbleUp portal -- every conversation is viewable by you and your team and we provide instructions for how to A/B test and optimize your campaign.
  • We offer white glove support including outsourced sending and replying, live phone support, support email, live Webex training, monthly educational webinars, documentation, knowledge base, best practices and scheduled check-ins.
  • We acquire real phone numbers wherever we operate, and offer pre-written templates so texts have more impact, and we encourage your agents to engage each contact personally with pre-formatted messages, pre-scripted responses or freeform to balance speed and quality of interaction as well as to deliver the best results.