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This is a very difficult message to write.

As many of you know, Jim got very sick last year. He made a number of truly miraculous recoveries and was able to return to work. But earlier this year, we learned that Jim had cancer.

It's impossible to put into words how hard Jim fought to get better. He did radiation and chemo, and withstood an incredible number of complications, always staying focused on the future.

I am heartbroken to share that in the past few weeks, an infection dramatically impacted his ability to recover, and he passed away on Friday.

The magnitude of this loss is staggering, not just for those of us that knew and loved him, but for the world. Jim's brilliance, ferocity, devotion, and strength inspired people everywhere, and built this company that is his legacy. We will work every day to honor him.

We are doing our best to grieve as a community, and hope you will join us here to share stories and to celebrate him.

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