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Running organisations requires money, and that’s why fundraising is such a vital part of digital campaigning. NationBuilder enables you to fundraise and collect donations, and on top of that, Brand Response have now created shiny, new, fantastic '' which enables you to add that extra edge to your fundraising efforts through its Gift Aid feature, and unique integration with Stripe and GoCardless.


What’s the app? is a fundraising integration built out by NationBuilder certified architects, Brand Response. The idea behind it was to be able to easily collect recurring donations, direct debits, as well as Gift Aid (a scheme where the UK government matches 25p for every donated pound). This means that on top of the NationBuilder Finances functionality, you can have an extra integration which is fantastically adapted to the European market and facilitates whole new levels of fundraising within your organisation. It's also worth mentioning that Brand Response offer discounts and grants to small Charities and Non Profits - there's still time for Giving Tuesday, so get on board!



How does it work? is not only fully compatible with NationBuilder, but is also designed to seamlessly work across  mobiles and tablets, ensuring that it looks as good as when you’re viewing it on your work PC. But not only does it look pretty - you can hook it up to your GoCardless account, as well as Stripe, and it’s as watertight as Michael Phelps’ swimming goggles in terms of secure payments; donations get processed directly with your PCI Certified Payment Provider  ( never stores credit card or bank details), and robust SSL encryption & HTTP2 as well as strong DDOS protection means your donations processing is as safe as can be.

And how does all this link up with NationBuilder? NationBuilder’s powerful organisation platform will receive all the incoming data of all your donating supporters. With this data stored in your NationBuilder database, you can much more easily target your donor support group and manage everything in one platform, from being able to send them blast emails, to connecting with them on social media. In short, the NationBuilder integration enables you to grow your non-profit at an unprecedented scale.


Why do you need it?

Every organisation needs to scale at some point. If you want to fundraise but also grow your community, you need both sides of the coin in order to be able to scale both of them proportionally.

The unique pairing of with the integrated nature of the NationBuilder platform enables you to be able to organically grow and build relationships with your community, and through this be able to increase your fundraising efforts too. It’s the magic formula both for growing and established non-profits, and with the unique Gift Aid integration (where the UK government matches 25p per every pound donated), you can really build out your fundraising in the European context.



What’s the kind of scenario you could use it in?

You’re running a mid-size non-profit, you’re really keen about your cause, but you don’t have enough funds to expand and increase your community-serving efforts. You’re plateauing and you want to do something about it.

Through the nuanced filtering function in NationBuilder, you can target your key supporters, who are also potential donors, and direct them to the Brand Response app (which is fully integrated with NationBuilder), where you run a Gift Aid scheme to raise 25,000 GBP in the next four months, which you log as a Goal in your NationBuilder Dashboard.

With the information flowing between and NationBuilder, you’re able to keep track of what your supporters and donors are up to, enabling an even more nuanced approach to when you contact them (i.e. ‘I can see you’ve given us two donations in the last two months - that means a lot to us! Would you like to come to our next fundraising event?’) and also enables you to make most out of the unique Gift Aid scheme, all backed up by solid tech (great security encryption and Stripe+GoCardless compatibility).

This not only enables you to grow your community organically and form more nuanced relationships through fundraising, but it also means you can scale and grow your non-profit, resulting in you being able to do even more good in the world

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