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Expose more functionality via API

We have tried to integrate our donation management system with NationBuilder and have had some limitations in your api preventing this. It would be nice to have NationBuilder expose via API:

  1. A way for an unfulfilled pledge (i.e. non paid pledge) to be created into a nation
  2. Get a list of unpaid pledges
  3. submit payment for a pledge and mark the pledge as fulfilled

This would allow us support NationBuilder as a possible persistence backend in our application

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This is currently possible with our existing APIs as described below:

1. You can use the people API / push endpoint and the donations_pledged_amount_in_cents resource to create an unpaid pledge. 

2. This is rather complicated, but you could use the people API / show endpoint to get a full representation of a record including pledge amount and then cross-reference this using the donation API / index endpoint for whether a pledge_id exists. Records with a pledge amount but without a pledge_id will be everyone in the nation who has an unpaid pledge.

3. This is possible using our donation API/pledge_id resource. This resource is the id of the pledge a donation submitted via the donation API fulfills.

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