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Sites API

Use the Sites APi to get information about the individual sites hosted by a nation.  This information is useful for gathering information for interacting with page APIs.

Index Endpoint

GET /api/v1/sites


  • page - page number
  • per_page - number of results to display per page (max 100)


  Issuing a request like this:


  Should give you a response like this:

  "page": 1, 
  "total_pages": 1, 
  "per_page": 10, 
  "total": 2, 
  "results": [ 
      "id": 1, 
      "name": "Foobar", 
      "slug": "foobar", 
      "domain": "" 
      "id": 2, 
      "name": "Test Site", 
      "slug": "test", 
      "domain": null