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Importing website to NationBuilder

I used the legacy tab to import my main site. Once those files were imported, i changed the DNS settings on my domain previously hosted on Godaddy and pointed them to the 6 NationBuilder Nameservers. I want my old site to show as it once did yet each time i visit the original domain, it redirects me to the NationBuilder one. How do i get my old website to show?

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Because you've pointed the nameserver records for to NationBuilder and connected the domain to your NationBuilder website (under Settings > Domains > > Sites), supporters who search for will land on your NationBuilder website. 

If you would like this domain to point to your previous website instead, you will want to remove the domain from NationBuilder entirely (under Domains > > Remove domain) and repoint the nameserver records back to their prior host. 

From here, you should be able to re-add whatever DNS records were required by your prior website hosting platform to make your site available with them. 

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