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Hangar Underground, NationBuilder small business customer

In my five short months at NationBuilder, I've helped our organizing team connect with thousands of politicians all across the country to introduce them to the future of campaigns and organizing. There's nothing better than hearing the excitement in someone's voice when they hear about NationBuilder. From long time incumbents to upstart challengers running on a hope and a dream, the response has been amazing. 

Politicians see themselves as leaders and organizers and as a result, they instantly understand the power of NationBuilder to dramatically reshape the political landscape. But the concept of organizing is not just relevant for politicians and community activists. The act of organizing people - of connecting them to each other and harnessing their collective power to advance a common cause - is fundamental to the human experience. 

The value of organizing may not be as obvious to business owners but the idea is just as applicable and relevant. For those who don't know, NationBuilder is actually run on NationBuilder. We have experienced amazing growth due to our ability to develop meaningful relationships with our customers, which is the result of our organizing team utilizing the tools native to NationBuilder. 

One thing from Jim's speech that has always stayed with me is his belief that each person can pay their debt to humanity by sharing their special skill with the world. By working with businesses, NationBuilder can help make this a reality for people and help create a new generation of business owners who won't just focus on the bottom line.  

Many of us learn that placing only a dollar value on a day's worth of work is ultimately unfulfilling. Most entrepreneurs start companies because they want to dedicate themselves to doing something they love and get paid for it. As the joy of what you do with your life increases, the need to validate your job through the almighty dollar decreases. 

NationBuilder empowers people to be successful at what they love by helping them connect with individuals who need their special skill, and providing them with a platform to monetize it.

Growing a business has traditionally been a numbers game; reach out to X number of prospects, convert Y number of them into customers, check the balance sheet and move on to the next. By turning business owners into organizers, we can transform business growth into a people-focused operation based on relationships. If a business can build meaningful relationships with their customers, not only do they have a steady base of business for life, but a steady referral source as well.  

As the senior organizer for our newly formed small business team, I look forward to sharing our best use practices for growing a business and encouraging everyone out there who has thought of starting a business to do so. If you're interested in learning more about using NationBuilder for your small business, email me. I believe that everyone needs a nation - even you. 

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