Autoresponder for "keyed" donations

Originally submitted June 19, 2013

I really like the autoresponder from donations via the web page.   Is there a way to create an auto response if the transaction is manually keyed in under finances - new donation?
Like all campaigns we do use some direct mail for donations, it would be nice to automatically send them the receipt when we key it.


Recurring donations and manual donations now send out receipts with all payment processors. 

- recurring donations will send an email receipt with each occurrence (this is in addition to anything your payment processor sends)

- you can send a receipt when entering a manual donation if you add a donation page slug as you are entering the donation - the donor will receive the autoresponse receipt associated with that page 




Steve, thank you for your suggestion. If you'd like to send a receipt to donors you've manually entered, under the Finances tab on a person's profile you'll see an icon for a PDF. You can download that document and email it to donors as a receipt. There presently is not a feature for auto-sending that receipt.

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