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Need sweet design work? Check out 4 new certified NationBuilder Architects!

NationBuilder Architects logoThere's a ton of functionality built into the NationBuilder content management system, which allows you to create interactive pages to provide your community a robust digital home. We've also provided hundreds of design themes and styles, which you can preview in the public theme gallery. On the other hand, you may have an established brand identity that you want to see built into your website's design. Or you may want to explore the edges of connecting your people database with your website. That's why we launched the NationBuilder Architects program as a way to help leaders (that's you) build custom websites.

And guess what? In just over a year, the program has grown to 28 certified Architects! And we're just getting started. We've got even more coming your way. We're excited to showcase four recently certified, independent web designers who can help you build a beautiful website. 

You ready?

First up we have the clean-cut Wellmade Design, a digital consultancy ran by independent designer Elizabeth Eadie. With project management experience at Disney under her belt, Elizabeth left Los Angeles three years ago, and relocated to Baltimore with her husband where she started Well Made Design. She provides consulting to support the execution of her design and helps to develop a strong voice through social media communications. During our conversation, Elizabeth explained what she's interested in accomplishing with NationBuilder: "I've always wanted to find the intersection of design and ways to help people. NationBuilder has helped me find this in a way where I can work one-on-one with folks to help them achieve their goals."

Elizabeth takes her time with clients and runs an efficient, transparent business. She communicates to clients her work flow, carving out specific times during the day to check emails and take phone calls. "I found that I work best by focusing on one client at a time and shutting everything else out," she says. She relies on a few apps to help her productivity: Evernote to take notes, Pinterest for visual inspiration boards, and Dropbox for file exchanges. 

Paola Bailey, Psy.D.
Henry and Weston of Pear Strategies 

Next we have PEAR Strategies. Founding Partner, Weston LaBar moved to California in 2012 to start his own boutique consulting agency. In early 2013 he merged with partners Henry Rogers and Jerry Matese to create a full scale public affairs and campaign firm with the capabilities of top quality media production which is now PEAR Strategies.

Specializing in advocacy and issues management, needs assessment and strategy development, and finally, relationship management, PEAR realized by combining forces and integrating new technology that the sky was the limit. Since they started building on NationBuilder a month ago, they've already built websites for two clients and continue to work on a bi-partisan level with a variety of political campaigns and advocacy groups. 

And we're just getting started. The Los Angeles-based gal power duo Rhonda and Crystal of Magic + Logic met four years ago. Both women come from different professions, but complementary in so many business savvy ways: Rhonda the financial brain and Crystal the creative and coding guru. Perfect. Over the course of a couple years, the duo worked on occasional freelance projects until Rhonda decided to quit her job as a financial advisor and dedicate herself full-time to projects with Crystal. Together, they formed Magic + Logic, a design firm that incorporates business strategy with cutting edge design.

I am That Girl website by Magic + Logic

Most recently, Magic + Logic completed the beautiful site for I Am That Girl on NationBuilder, a community and digital movement dedicated to turning female self-doubt into self-love. And Magic + Logic have many more in-store, looking to push design boundaries for websites from political campaigns to creative initiatives. "We have a big appetite for design and progress, and NationBuilder will really help with that," Rhonda said. 

And finally, Brooklyn's own McMillian+ Furlow can help with all your needs from branding to web development to photography to typography to...They do it all, folks. After years of working from coast to midwest to coast again, William McMillian settled in a two-bedroom apartment and began a freelance design firm. After ten years and picking a partner (Furlow), McMillian + Furlow has a staff of five to design and brand sites for nonprofits, campaigns, creatives and more. Their most recent websites using NationBuilder include End the Age of Coal and Greg Mays' campaign site for the New York City Council. 

homepage of End the Age of Coal

We have designers with so many distinct styles working across America and even a few overseas. We invite you to take a look at all the certified NationBuilder Architects and decide which is best for your needs. 

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