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This week, we launched a better way for you to stay up to date on NationBuilder’s product roadmap. The NationBuilder product portal allows you to see what engineering work is in consideration, what has been planned, and what has launched.

We want to make certain that your voice is heard, so in addition to offering greater visibility into our product pipeline, you can now submit your feature requests directly to our product team. The product team reviews all submitted feedback every week, and will consider it when prioritizing work.

This new portal will give you the ability to vote on new suggestions and indicate priority level. You can also sign up to be a beta tester for new features.

If you believe you're experiencing a bug, you can email those to our support team at will allow our support engineering team to troubleshoot and investigate further, so we can unblock you faster. 

This streamlined way to voice your suggestions provides transparency into our product planning. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about incorporating your timely input into our process.

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