• We recommend NationBuilder for an increasingly wide range of clients working for the common good. The reason is simple: out of the box, from day one, NationBuilder gives them a full suite of hassle-free engagement tools.
  • A low-cost, integrated platform that could be central to a City Council race or a presidential campaign.
  • NationBuilder's the real deal. Definitely going to shake up online campaigning.
  • We really love NationBuilder. I showed a political veteran who was skeptical about our campaign how we used NationBuilder to sign up thirty volunteers, collect emails from local supporters, and download a voter database. It made him change his mind about our campaign and he concluded that we were putting together a serious operation.
  • Easy to design, build and run...
  • NationBuilder inexpensively consolidates my website management, events, fundraising, blog, email blasts, voter file, social media and more into one online dashboard.
  • NationBuilder's the real deal. Definitely going to shake up online campaigning.
  • Once I dove in, I could not believe how easy it was to use. Social media integration was flawless. Custom page templates were as easy as WordPress theming, easier even than Drupal theming. Adding members-only custom content is a breeze. … After using NationBuilder for a week, I could not understand why anyone would still use Convio. After another two projects, I can’t believe people are not abandoning Convio like a burning warehouse and sprinting to NationBuilder.
  • Using NationBuilder, our website and supporter data tools integrate seamlessly to build a campaign for the 21st Century.
    Karissa Yee, Norman Yee for Supervisor
  • Takes online organizing to a whole new level.
  • It has exceeded my expectations, especially the responsiveness of the staff. Someone on the support team stayed up all night on a holiday weekend to fix a problem for us. You can’t buy that kind of customer service.
  • A necessary tool at a time when so many causes strive to capture attention and money.
  • I want to thank you for your invaluable help on Hal Miller's website. Hal ended up winning the election decisively, and I think the website played a key role in the campaign.
  • If you're using a Wordpress site over here, and Constant Contact over there, and PayPal over yonder, then this is going to change your life. NationBuilder just moved the ball waaaay down the field.
    Nathan Henderson-James, Leadership Center for the Common Good
  • NationBuilder is the manifestation of an Internet-based worldview of how to be effective in the digital age.
  • From the ground up, it asks how you engage people and then moves them up the ladder of engagement.
  • NationBuilder’s features just work. There’s no broken code or outdated plugins - just tools for organizing.
  • FourTier Strategies advises political campaigns at the local, state and national level. We simply wouldn't use any platform other than NationBuilder for our clients' websites. It isn't just a website. It is a seamlessly integrated campaign management system. The level of service, reliability for the price is truly unbelievable. There are a million things to worry about in a political campaign. NationBuilder is never one of them.
  • Allows political candidates to build a sleek website in minutes that supports fundraising efforts, a blog, volunteer outreach, payment processing, calendars and more.
  • Open government is easy with NationBuilder. It allows me to bring citizens into the decision making process at every step - from sharing news on my blog, to logging calls and emails and crowdsourcing feedback.
  • Support team is top notch.
  • Amazing platform. NationBuilder will take over the world very soon.
  • One of the truly great and important things about social media is its ability to connect people and motivate them toward a common cause. NationBuilder makes it easy for organizations, artists and activists to tap into that promise, with a complete set of tools for managing contacts, social media accounts, finances and more.
  • Most potent force in ground-up Gov 2.0 I've ever seen.
  • The best web building app I've seen for non-programmers & the answer for non profit start-ups.
  • Constantly adding useful features. As the name implies, you can build your nation there. Whether it's a website, donations, blogging, calendar events, text messaging, or volunteer outreach NationBuilder makes it happen.
  • Wow. Massive feature list that actually maps to advocacy work.
    Tessa Simmonds, Freepress.net
  • Even though we barely tapped the capabilities with the voter lists and so on, the candidate was really happy with her site and she won her election. And because of you guys, the web site and keeping track of everybody was the easiest part.
  • NationBuilder was a breeze and it was fun to work with the great NewtHampshire crew. The implementation was literally done overnight.
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