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Steve Jobs called her campaign 'bullshit'

How do grassroots activists influence the policies of the world's larget corporations? Shareholder actions, spectacle, letters from religious leaders and thousands of regular folks, for a start.

In the latest episode of NationBuilder's Leaders and Creators, I talk with Robin Schneider, director of Texas Campaign for the Environment about flashmobs at Wal-Mart stores around the country, and her organizing start as a 17-year-old canvasser engaged in "door-step democracy."

Schneider's victories include convincing Dell, Apple and Samsung to recycle their obsolete computers; as vice chair of the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, she works to ensure that mistakes from Silicon Valley - home of the highest concentration of Superfund sites in the U.S. - aren't repeated in other tech hotspots around the world. 

Robin Schneider
Robin Schneider

TCE is currently working with groups around the country to convince Wal-Mart to follow the lead of BestBuy and take back old TVs at its retail outlets, and just launched in concert with a series of Halloween-themed in-store flash actions.

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