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Some of you know that I have a pretty crazy story. Nineteen years ago, someone important to me asked me to write a book about my life... and it took a loooong time, but it is finally here. I’m excited to announce that The Internet is My Religion is coming out Sunday, July 12th.

The Internet is My Religion

My book is just the first of many that NationBuilder will publish, both digitally and in print. Yes, we build software to help leaders connect humanity, but what we’ve learned is that we have to do more. A new kind of leadership requires new stories. They’re out there, and we’re going to find them and bring them to you.

Our hope is that our books aren’t just great stories, but are a really good excuse to get together, share with each other, and build your community. If you’re interested in hosting an event around my book, sign up here.

I’m excited about all this, but am also nervous at the moment because I’m at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York, and in a few hours will be doing a follow-up speech to the one I gave there four years ago. You can watch it live at 12:45pm ET.

And if you are in NYC, we’re having a big book announcement party tonight at The Riverside Church. Please come and say hi!


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