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Hey there,

So there's really awesome tool called Storify that journalists are using more and more.

This tool would be great for culling live tweets, FB's, flickr, you tube postings from actions, events, meetings, etc.  It could be a powerful tool for the organizing group and a way to engage/profile community members as well. 

I think it would be awesome if Nation Builder could integrate or create a similar tool. Here's a brief overview.

Confused about the welter of ‘social media’ options available online today? It’s no surprise. Between Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and more, how do we decide what to look at, and filter the result to find something worthwhile? What we need are the tools to pull the chatter of countless users together so we can extract the occasional nugget and lose the rest. That’s what a new service called Storify sets out to do ( It allows anyone to cull social media content to create and edit news stories around the theme of their choice."

Official response from

Storify can be incorporated into any nation's website by placing the URL for the story on a separate line without any code or hyperlinking.

The story will display as a slideshow on your website. 

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