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Connecting multiple donors to same donation

We often receive a single donation from multiple members of a family (e.g. a joint gift from a husband and wife). Is there any way that that donation can be associated with multiple people accounts in NationBuilder, so that when we query by donors who have given over a certain amount, both the husband and wife would appear in our list?

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Donations are designed to attach to a single person's profile and cannot be added to two profiles such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

After a donation is made, you can edit a donation to include extra data points such as a tracking code or a custom field to help better trace your donation records.

You may also want to utilize the relationship section of a profile to help link profiles together.

Bear in mind that any workflow you develop from these options are workarounds as donations are designed to specifically attach to a single person's profile.

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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