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So you want a page full of all those gorgeous images you add to your Tumblr? Good news! It's pretty easy to embed your Tumblr stream onto a NationBuilder page!

Check out Adriel's snazzy Tumblr stream on his Adriel Nation site:


To achieve this look, create a basic page and add this code to the template under:

 {{ page.basic.content }}

 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Tumblr used to list this embed code under its "Goodies" section. It's not listed there anymore but it still works ;)

Adriel Hampton explains how to set this up in a recent episode of NationBuilder Live:

You can also watch "Adding a Tumblr stream to your website" in high definition on our YouTube page.

Adriel mentions that you can create embed code for your Tumblr using the Embeddlr app

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