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I’m working with my nation’s donation data, and I’d like to be able to search by more than just succeeded since, created since, failed since, and donor id. 

Is there any reason why I can’t pass tracking_code_id as a search parameter, or any of the other fields? Right now, my flow looks like this: 

Pull the entire list of donations that might match (say, by succeeded since date, or just pull them all)
Parse through and check the value/run my own search algorithm on the entire results I just pulled 
Do my processing 

Since I’m sometimes interested in searching all of our donations, that means each time I do this, I’m pulling down almost all of our donations, even if only 5-10 of them will match a criteria, like a tracking_code_id – it’s much slower than it needs to be, I think. 

Have I missed something? Is there a better way to use the search endpoint? What’s in the way of giving us access to this?


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At this point we have only exposed the succeeded_at, created_since, failed_since, and donor_id search params for the donation search endpoint. There is not a way to run a targeted query via the API for just tracking codes.

We will consider adding a tracking_code_slug param in the future and will update this card and notify you when that is complete.

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